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Please note that at this time utmost concern remains balancing the healthcare needs of patients and safety for all. Thank you for trusting RWB Acupuncture with your natural healthcare needs. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Rebecca at

If you are ill, please consider doing a virtual appointment, when applicable. Herbal supplements and formulations are available for drop-ship for established patients.

Rebecca Wendler-Burke Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the Twin Cities
Rebecca Wendler-Burke, providing Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, and Chinese Medicine in the Twin Cities

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chronic Pain Management in the Twin Cities

Mission Statement:

To influence a profound wellness in every human so that stress and toxins no longer cloud our judgement or hinder our vitality.


To align each human with their primal matrix so that humans nourish and are nourished by the planet.

Rebecca specializes in autoimmune disorders, musculoskeletal complaints, mental health concerns, and overall wellness. As a Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist and certified Functional Medicine provider, Rebecca engages with her clients through acupuncture and massage via the lenses of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. She finds autoimmune diseases specifically intriguing as they tend to manifest in toxin accumulations, qi and blood stagnation, and cellular malnourishment.

Regardless of a client’s chief complaint, her ultimate goal is to get things moving through the meridians to awaken the body’s optimal homeostasis, resolve sluggishness, and improve function. In addition, her ability to engage the lymphatic system with qi and blood movement through the meridians via acupuncture and massage, helps her to influence a profound balance in each individual. Rebecca’s ability to evaluate your underlying health needs will help you be better prepared so that you may avoid serious future health issues.

Service Area:

Rebecca provides acupuncture, herbal medicine, and chronic pain management services in the Twin Cities area.

Rebecca has over 1000 hours of training in Shiatsu and Tui Na massage. She incorporates many Thai Massage skills. Her massage promotes natural detoxification. Focusing primarily on the meridians of the body, her massage technique incorporates active and passive stretching, traction, trigger point, and acupressure for her Minnesota clients.  She excels in deep tissue massage, sports and injury rehabilitation, prenatal care, joint mobilization, and pain management. Her philosophy is to move stagnation from the areas of tension through the meridian pathways to reduce pain, generate qi and blood movement, and increase flexibility.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."
- Lao Tzu


Acupuncturists are licensed professionals who use various techniques to help influence balance in an individual. Licensed professionals have at...


Shiatsu Massage is traditional Japanese Massage. The Japanese and Chinese have a very similar understanding of channels, meridians, and acupoints...


Biofeedback is an effective tool Rebecca employs to assess your unique needs so she can address your chief complaints as well as prevent health...


Traditional Chinese herbs and formulas are the cornerstone of Rebecca’s training and expertise. Various herbal dispensaries are at her...

Rebecca is the best and I mean the best masseuse in Minneapolis period. If you still need to read on I have a serious neck issue and she used a few techniques which provided real and lasting relief. I have been fortunate enough to use many spas in 5 star as well as medical centers and although well cared for never had the level of relief Rebecca delivered. If you have pain and are not sleeping go straight away to see her.

Rebecca Wendler-Burke Acupuncture Services in Edina
The Good Informant, T. Minneapolis, MN 8/6/2016

5 stars for the best massage I have ever had. 5 stars for the wonderful and insightful conversation given me by my amazing masseuse Rebecca.

Rebecca Wendler-Burke Acupuncture Services in Edina
Ida S. Hudson, WI 3/7/2018

It was my privilege to have session with Rebecca, and she is well learned in this field with her healing power. she has not just worked on my stiff muscle but also worked on blocked negative energy. I am feeling very light and peaceful after.

Rebecca Wendler-Burke Acupuncture Services in Edina
Shashindra H. Minneapolis, MN 11/26/2017

I have a terrible back and Rebecca really helped iron it out.

Rebecca Wendler-Burke Acupuncture Services in Edina
Shannan D. De Pere, WI 10/22/2017

My massage with Rebecca was exactly what I needed and a 90 minute heavenly experience. I had a migraine for 3 days that had made me feel sick all over, with knots and muscle tightness I couldn't get rid of. She zeroed in on the triggers and gave them an excellent workout! Rebecca provided a wealth of information about the body, healing, and other healthful data, for which I'm very grateful.

Rebecca is very warm, professional, and certainly very knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed meeting her, and will hope to work with her in the near future.

Rebecca Wendler-Burke Acupuncture Services in Edina
Mag H. Plymouth, MN 10/15/2016
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To influence a profound wellness in every human so that stress and toxins no longer cloud our judgement or hinder our vitality.

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