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Shiatsu Massage is traditional Japanese Massage. The Japanese and Chinese have a very similar understanding of channels, meridians, and acupoints. The word for acupoint in Japanese is Tsubo. A Shiatsu massage therapist moves qi by applying pressure to the majority of Tsubos on the human body. Their method is centuries old, and is unique as it normalizes the movement of qi. For a patient, the results are often regarded as firstly, harmonizing and relaxing,  and later energizing and stimulating.

Tui Na is traditional Chinese medical massage. It translates to “push” “pull.” Tui Na’s focus is more specific in comparison to Shiatsu. Both utilize acupoints to move qi and blood, but Tui Na has several techniques specifically developed to relieve local qi and blood stagnation. Therefore, Tui Na is the massage Rebecca employs for acute conditions affecting one to a few areas of the body.

Rebecca offers both of these types of massage in her Edina office.


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